Hudson Plane crash driven through New Jersey

These are some great pics of the plane being transported through small town New Jersey, I’m sure some people were very surprised that morning.





Newscast for 10/30/06


10/30/06 6:00pm



ANN:               Good evening the time is six o’clock and we start off tonight’s news with a disturbing death in Mattapan.  Brian Lee, a resident of Boston, is in custody and will be arraigned today on charges that he murdered his father. Lee will be charged in a West Roxbury court based on gruesome evidence police have found at two separate crime scenes.  A Roxbury woman has found body parts outside her home and the police have discovered the torso of an elderly man at Lee’s Mattapan home.  Neighbor Donald Barlow remembers the relationship between father and son as strained, a fact that led the father to request a restraining order from his son.

TAPE:              “He seemed a bit off…I think his father was really terrified of Brian”

ANN:               Brian Lee had been seen driving his father’s car as well as possibly disposing of evidence by friends and neighbors who are needless to say, shocked by the crime.


Forest Fires

10/30/06 6:00pm



ANN:               California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is visiting the fire ravished town of Twin Pines today, where firefighters are gaining an upper hand on large wildfires that have been raging for several days.  So far the blaze has killed four firefighters and left one badly burned. The fires have also destroyed more than 30 homes in the state.  Authorities say that the blaze, which has scorched over forty thousand acres so far, was set by an arsonist and at this point the police have no leads in the criminal investigation.  Despite the massive scale of the fires and the possibility of high winds, firefighters are confident they will have the blaze under control by tomorrow night.

TAPE:              “It’s the bottom of the ninth, so we want to make sure we hit it out of the park and win this thing”


Shell Shock

10/30/06 6:00pm



ANN:               Turning now to the Iraq War, we look at one of its most important casualties, the health of veterans.  Some soldiers come back from the war and renter civilian life with no problems, but many are still very much affected by the experiences they have had in the middle east.  Andy Wilson is one of those who still carry the war around with them.  He has post traumatic stress disorder and it has driven him to attempted suicide. He not only has problems finding work and interacting with his family, but also suffers from headaches, depression, and fatigue. There are many who feel that the military should recognize these mental problems and provide aid to veterans while others believe aid should be reserved for those with physical injuries.

TAPE:              “Maybe they should come up with some thing for us crazy guys. I don’t know. But we have wounds that we’re going to carry for the rest of our lives.”

ANN:               The response that was given to Wilson by his captain was that there is nothing wrong with him.


Bridgewater triangle

10/30/06 6:00pm



ANN:               In supernatural news, people are revisiting the mysteries of the Bridgewater Triangle, a part of Massachusetts known for Ghost and UFO sightings.  Stretching from Abington to Freetown to Rehoboth, the triangle’s paranormal activity is often linked to the violent takeover of the land from the Native Americans.  Some of the more interesting sightings include prehistoric fighting birds, a bear-human hybrid and a lunatic truck driver who speeds and honks his horn at everybody.  While the trucker may just be the average Massachusetts driver, many people like teacher Chris Balzano believe that the area has strong supernatural energy.

TAPE:              “I’ve seen cycles of tragedy and what might be a negative force popping up in different forms”


Pats and Vikings

10/30/06 6:00pm



ANN:               In sports today, the Patriots will take on the Minnesota Vikings in the Minnesota Metrodome.  The largest challenge for the Patriots will be the unfamiliarity of play in this rare appearance in Minnesota.  The dome creates a strong home field advantage and the Pats will have to be prepared for this. One of the ways they are doing this is by practicing with loud music playing and using signals instead of audible communication.  Brady and Belichick are both confident they can overcome the obstacle of very high volume.

TAPE:              “It’s all about communication… there’s a rhythm of a center when he brings his head up to snap the ball”



10/30/06 6:00pm



ANN:               And now for the forecast. Today will be comfortable with a high of 62 and a low of 42. It will be partly cloudy and winds will start out strong in the morning but will go down by the afternoon.  Tomorrow we will have a high of 69 and a low of 48 with plenty of sun and the possibility of more strong winds. For Wednesday we have a high of 66 and a low of 43 with clouds moving in early and a possibility of showers later that day.  All in all the week is shaping up nicely so get out and enjoy it before the Boston winter arrives.