Lebron James is too good at basketball


Michael Jordan is still the best

Angry guy throws shoes at Bush

Throw some shoes at the President of the United States and be a hero. Seriously this guys going to be the next Joe the Plumber.

Daredevils and inventions of the 1930s

These guys put Chriss Angel and David Blaine to shame.  anyone can fly just strap on some boards to your arms and run around hopping up and down.


Just when you thought you could escape

Recap of Blunders and Gaffs

Palin gets punked

Wow, I mean wow.  All I can say is extreme gullability isn’t a good quality for someone who wants to help run the country.

Bird Thief

Clever little basterd

Clever little basterd

Ernie Kovacs does Howdy Doody

The Inspiration for modern sketch comedy: Ernie Kovacs

Animated Graffiti