Obligate Carnivore

by my sister


Obligate Carnivore


Stiff cream

and sugar, stale

wafers with paper

dresses that we rip


off. It wants some

too. Deficiency

pushes pelvic

spinal and costal

protrusions. Fractured

whiskers reach

out: dead saplings

in winter. Unnatural

yellow coming

out of green

irises hide in black

fur and skin and retractable



White grains of dry

skin collect on dead

hairs and escape

to the ground. It

eats the abandoned

cone-ends and creamy

insides. Soft-

serve rodent

flesh is

better fuel.


It was never someone’s

perky spider

plant; instead

an immature musk

thistle tossed out

with other weed-

whacked victims.


It showed up,

frequent as good hair

days, then one

day gone

like a father


a child. We

tried to rescue

it but the ground

froze. It too

became a two-

scoop snack.


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