Indiana Jones 4 opening scene – as it should have been

              Indiana Jones IV



Int. desert cave—DAY


A figure resembling INDIANA JONES walks down a long hallway with two guides flanking him holding flashlights and looking nervous.  They have been walking for a while and the passage is becoming more dusty and full of cobwebs.


One of the guides ARI stops to take a rock out of his shoe.



Ouch! Why is this passage

so long? And why is it

getting colder?


The figure resembling Indiana stops and throws a level on the ground. He turns around to face the other two and is revealed to be JASON, a twenty-something kid with a cowboy pistol instead of a whip.


JASON (laughing)

We’re getting deeper guys,

so bundle up.



If you knew it was going to

be cold why didn’t we bring

torches instead of these things?



I’ll never understand this

obsession with torches people

have. You’re just like my dad,

living in the past.



Archaeologists are supposed

to live in the past. Where

is your father anyway? I would

feel much safer with him here.


Jason is indignant and turns away without responding.




INDIANA JONES is sitting in bed drinking coffee and reading the paper. He has a sprained ankle. SALLAH enters and pours himself some coffee.



So Indy, do you know where

your son is this morning?



Probably sleeping one off.



Well Indy, you can be happy

young Jason isn’t quite the

drunk you think although in

this case you may wish he was.


Indiana get up and starts getting dressed in a hurry.



Alright Sallah what did he

do now? He hasn’t been

gambling again, has he?



No, no nothing like that.

He has simply stolen three

of my best camels and two

of my worst guides.


Indiana looks alarmed and starts looking through his luggage.



He headed southwest

apparently into the desert

so I thought-


INDIANA (holding up an empty briefcase)

The ruins of Bedua.





INT. Desert cave—DAY


Jason and guides have come to a stone wall blocking the passage and are examining everything nearby with flashlights.



Maybe this is a sign.


JASON (irritated)

A sign of what exactly?



We shouldn’t be here.




You should be more concerned

with what we can do not what

you think we should.


The two guides look at each other uneasily.



EXT. Entrance to ruins of Bedua—DAY


Five Arab men with rifles sit on camels in front of the entrance.



Do you think they will figure

out how to open the chamber door?


Arab #2

Perhaps not but he is American,

no? He will blow the door up to

get what he wants.


Arab #3

Now what makes you think

Americans are so destructive?


The group starts laughing loudly at the joke.





Indiana and Sallah are riding through the desert.


INDIANA (curious)

Sallah how do you know where

we’re going?


SALLAH (coughs)

Well Indy I’ve been keeping

copies of your maps because

you do have a rather strong

tendency to get captured.


They suddenly hear the sound of laughter and pull the horses to a stop. They crawl up to the top of a sand dune and see the five Arabs.


EXT. Cave entrance–Continuous


The Arab men sit under some ruins next to the cave entrance. Some of them start loading and cleaning their rifles.




INT. Blocked passage—DAY


ARI (shining his flash light down a hole)

I think I see a lever down

there but we’re going to need

a long stick to reach it.


JASON (rolling eyes)

Oh yes there are plenty of

long sticks in the desert.


Jason thinks for a moment and takes his pistol out and shoots into the hole. The door starts to rise.


EXT. Cave Entrance—DAY



See what I told you!


EXT. Top of sand dune—Continuous


INDIANA (muttering)

Any excuse to use his gun.



You know Indy I think they

will be shot at when they

leave the cave.



Yeah I get that same feeling.


Indiana sees the camels Jason has brought and decides to create a diversion.


INT. Cavern—DAY


Jason and guides have entered a large elaborate cavern and they stand there speechless shining flashlights up and down the wall. After a few seconds the door behind them starts to close. They all run for the door and make it out just in time.


                        ARI (looking at the broken lever)

              Well this has been a productive



EXT. Cave Entrance—DAY


Jason’s group emerges into bright sunlight and chaos. Camels are running around wildly, with Arabs chasing them. Bullets are also flying from the few Arabs not chasing camels. Indiana and Sallah ride in and grab Jason and the guides and escape through the mazelike ruins.


INDIANA (yelling over the noise)

You’re a real pain in the

ass kiddo!



At least I haven’t been gambling!






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