The Codmans of Charlestown and Brookline, 1637-1929

codman-pointI read an excerpt from the book “The Codmans of Charlestown and Brookline, 1637-1929” by Cora Codman Wolcott. This essay was in a small bound book called “On the One Hundredth Anniversary of Codman Point”  This is not accomplished through any direct line of reasoning or persuasion but her remarks about visitors to the summer estate gives the reader very clear insights as to the perspective of my family at the time.
Recalling her experiences as a young adult in 1860, when the family started to settle the land that would later become know as Codman’s point allows the reader to get a more complete view of the family and their perspective because the author does not have strong opinions at that age. She lets the action of her relatives reveal their motivations. “It was quite a sight to see the president fishing off the point in a little dinghy while our schooner nearly toppled his tiny craft”. The reader understands without ever being told directly, the status of the family and their influence as well as the manner in which they view others. The tone of the piece is almost offhand as she describes things that seem absurd to a person reading in 2006. “Going to the point was always an adventure, we brought only one butler and one nanny and we had to reuse our napkins on occasion.” The author was most effective at being subtle while still getting a message across, a recognized talent of any Boston blue blood.


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