Silent Hostility

I walked into the house and found an unusual and disquieting silence. There should have been any number of sounds in a house that was supposedly full of people. The courtyard was empty and so was the kitchen. I walked around the house before depositing my belonging in the room and the house was also unusually clean. I walked out unto the back porch and the salty wind was bending the trees back and forth. My uncle was sitting in a single chair a few paces to my left and my father was sitting in a single chair about twenty feet to my right. Considering that the entire porch, at least the part facing the ocean is at least fifty feet long, the placement of the two brothers spoke to some problem. Both adults said hello and welcome and then quickly resumed ignoring each other. It is generally considered bad taste in my family for there to be an open conflict so while I knew there was a serious conflict there; I didn’t have the slightest clue as to its origin.
Feeling very uneasy, I wandered around in search of family who were talking to each other. I found a few cousins at the beach where they were playing soccer and drinking Harpoon beer. When I asked them what the problem was at the big house, they said they didn’t know exactly except that it involved most of the adults in the house. We all sat on the beach for a while until the mosquitoes began to torture us. We decided to go hang out on my uncle’s boat because pretty much anything seemed better than returning to the house with all its silent hostility
Eventually we get a call from my dad asking where we all are and that he is going out for dinner while his brother is cooking something. I managed to ovoid the issue by saying that I already ate and my cousins did the same. Unfortunately for us, none of this was true so we became really hungry as time went on. We were fortunate enough to find some cheese and a few bottles of wine on the boat so that became dinner and everyone was very happy to avoid whatever was going on with the older generation. After all the wine was gone and the waves became rougher, everyone started to feel a little seasick so we rowed back to shore, narrowly missing a large rock as we had forgotten to bring a flashlight.
When we got back to the house the situation was almost exactly like it was that afternoon, except the two brothers were on opposite sides of the house. My cousins and I again took the middle ground by hanging out in the kitchen where we also had access to leftovers. We all avoided whatever the issue was for fear of having to take sides and to this day I have no idea what the fight was about.


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