Jim and Ed





FADE UP TO MS: Jim, sitting in a car reading a magazine.

Stereo:  Bob Marley “Lion in Zion”


CUT TO LS: Ed, getting in the car


Ed: Hey whatsup man

CUT TO LS: Car drives off

CUT TO CU, POV backseat: Jim changes the song and yawns.





Ed: so you gonna finish that story man?


CU, POV backseat: Jim rubs his head with a frustrated look.


Jim: I’m tired and that story is the story of my life


CUT TO MS POV in front of car: Ed looks at Jim



Ed: get on with it then. Ain’t like I got anything better to do.


CUT TO CU: Jim talking staring at the road.


Jim: Ever think that I might have something better to do?


CUT TO CU POV Jim: Ed, grinning


Ed: No


CUT TO CU: Jim talking staring at the road.


Jim: Ok so what was I talking about then smart guy?


CUT TO CU: Ed, thinking


Ed: I think you were talking about jamaca


CUT TO MS: Jim looks over at Ed


Jim: Oh…right. I dropped anchor right off this little beach on the east side of the island and decided to go check out the jungle










Ed: you know that’s fuckin stupid right, Jamacas dangerous


CUT TO CU: Jim gives a long sigh


Jim: yeah I know that now but of course it seemed like a fantastic idea at the time.  It turned to be maroon territory too.


CUT TO MS: Ed looks at Jim curiously


Ed: What does that mean?


CUT TO CU: Jim turns and smiles.

Jim: Marroons are kinda like clans that are all descendants of escaped slaves which basically means they’re tough as nails.


CUT TO MS: Ed looking incredulously at Jim. 


Ed: what did they fuck you up or something?


CUT TO CU: Jim looks forward


Jim: I walk into the jungle right and after a few minutes I see a little clearing and when I walk into it they are like 5 guys chillin, smoking cheba and they all have machetes

CUT TO MS.  Ed looks amazed, staring at Jim



Ed:  So were they like some crazy rastas or what?







JIM: They were not friendly and actually ended up robbing me.


ED: that sucks dude. Anything good happen in Jamaica?


JIM: Well they got me real high before they robbed me plus I only had ten bucks so aside from the whole being threatened with machetes thing, really wasn’t a bad transaction.

CU ED:  Amazed

ED: has anyone ever told you you’re a lunatic?

CU JIM: smiling

Jim:  Not infrequently



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