Episode of “Entourage”




 This is a show that follows a rising movie star and his entourage, consisting of his older brother Johnny, his manager Eric and his friend Turtle as they run around the Hollywood scene.  Each episode always includes several Hollywood cameos and the show was created and produced by Mark Walburg.

The opening sequence is a sped up caddy going down Hollywood boulevard with many quick cuts to the sidewalks where we see fans screaming and the names of the actors on billboards.  Immediately after the opening we cut to an interior establishing shot of the entourage eating breakfast.  There are three basic shots in this scene, the long shot of everybody, two close-ups of the actor Vince and his manger as they have a dialogue, as well as tangential pans that give us the comments of the peanut gallery. As the conversation becomes more general and all four are involved, we see more of the steady medium shot with some quick reaction cuts. The entourage decides to go to Vegas following a bad press conference.

The new scene starts with the agent talking on his cell phone on the sidewalk and looking very stressed as the agent seems to be perpetually in that character.  We cut to Vince and his driver smoking a joint and telling the agent to come to Vegas with them.  We cut back to the agent as he is protesting and the escalade carrying Vince pulls up to the curb.  The agent is convinced to join the group, he jumps in the car, the music fades up and we cut to a montage of them driving down Las Vegas Boulevard in a very excited state.  The montage has a good shot of every major casino as well as the characters standing out of the sunroof and even being stuck in traffic.

They pull into the Hard Rock and we have a close up of the agent arguing with his wife as he is getting out of the car which pulls out to a long shot of the entourage getting out of the car. The audio is still mostly with the agent but the dominating image on the screen is with the fans that have approached the car to get autographs.  The camera then returns to a medium dolly shot face on with the characters as they enter and walk through the casino. At this point Comcast decides to go out of service for several hours.  As they get into the gambling area of the casino they encounter Seth Green and his entourage. At first there is a wide shot of the two groups facing each other exchanging pleasantries.  When it becomes clear through the dialogue that Eric and Seth have some animosity towards each other there are close-ups of them and it creates the impression that the conversation is revolving around them when in fact many people are talking.

The camera then resumes the dolly leading the characters all the way up to the room where the camera stops, lets the group pass and follows them into the room. Inside the suite the characters spilt up into different rooms or different parts of the same room.  We rotate close ups and medium shots of the suite as they continue the conversation. Eric, Ari(the agent) and Johnny all leave at the same time for various destinations and we follow Vince and Turtle as they go out on the casino floor with 100k. This is a very interesting shot because while we can clearly see the movements of the two centered characters, there are hundreds of people between the camera and the characters. The characters make a turn and come toward the camera as it slowly zooms out to reveal a blackjack table that Vince and Turtle sit down at.  After he throws down 100k in cash, we cut to an establishing shot of a strip club.  After we see Eric and Ari sit down to watch the strippers there is another cut to an establishing shot in a massage parlor where Johnny meets his masseuse who he treats with a little too much affection for a man.

The episode now begins to rotate between the blackjack table, the strip club and the massage parlor and the three different sub-plots.  At the strip club there are two main shots, a wide shot of the two guys from behind with the stage taking up most of the screen and a side close-up of the two of them pretending they want to leave.  At the blackjack table there is a medium shot of Vince and Turtle at the table with the dealers’ hands jumping into the shot to deal the cards. There are also several attractive girls standing behind them along with a good view of the casino floor.  In the massage parlor there is a close up of Johnny’s face as he enjoys his massage and there is a medium shot of the masseuse as he reacts to Johnny’s uncomfortable statements.

Ari and Eric join the blackjack table and the four take another walk through the casino with the familiar dolly lead shot.  They encounter Seth Green again and this time the animosity is clearer and the only conversation is between Seth and Eric.  Apparently Seth slept with Eric’s girlfriend and is pushing his buttons about it.  We cut to an establishing shot of the four sitting at a pool that looks to be stocked with playboy models.  The scene rotates close-ups of the characters two at a time as they discuss Seth Green.  Eric gets up to call his girl and is replaced by five strippers and the camera does a smooth 180 pan at about waist level so that the audience is clear about their professions.  We now cut back to the massage parlor where the two men are in different positions but the shots are the same one close up and one medium shot alternating with the speaker.  There is also a cut to Eric’s girlfriend talking to him in the car on a cell phone and back to Eric.

Returning quickly to Turtle, who has about twenty strippers surrounding him now, the camera does another 180 pan just to make sure the audience fully appreciates the fact that these are very attractive strippers.  After this we are back at the card table where Vince and Ari are losing lots of money.  Vince and Ari are partners in gambling and the close-ups of both their face make a funny contrast because Vince doesn’t care about losing in the slightest and Ari as usual is freaking out.  Ari stays at the table as we return to the hotel room where everyone else has returned and are getting ready for the night.  After this quick moment in the room we cut to an establishing shot of a crowded party as the entourage enters.  The characters follow the camera in a circle around the room in the middle of which we see Seth Green enter the party.  After a little while the group passes the door they came in and we notice that the party has gotten a lot bigger and more rowdy.  Interspersed in the medium shots of the group are close-ups of random girls dancing and people doing shots.

We go back to the card table where Ari has lost 200k and Vince shows up trailing a crowd and an exciting game of blackjack follows.  We cut between a wide shot of the whole table complete with a large crowd in the background and a close-up of Ari who is screaming and pulling out his hair.  They win the hand and we cut to a long shot of everyone flipping out.

Johnny and his masseuse have gone back to his hotel room where the masseuse undresses, assuming Johnny is gay from the way he has been acting all day. We see Johnny in the bathroom getting ready for a massage with a wide neutral shot. We also see the masseuse acting very conflicted as he takes off his clothes and Johnny rushes out of the suite as the music fades up.

A low medium shot of Johnny walking quickly down the hall cuts a few times to close-ups of strippers at the party. The last of these close-ups pans away from the stripper and we have another confrontation with Seth Green. This time the exchange is much more heated, everyone is drinking and the party is very loud and very crowded.  At the climax of this exchange, Johnny jumps into the medium shot of Seth and Eric and punches out Seth.  A huge brawl starts, we get a close up of Ari talking to Vince, “This should be good for your image” and then we zoom out to a long shot of the whole party; strippers on the stage and people fighting in the crowd.


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