Ad for the MBTA

:60 second Radio spot,  The MBTA


SARAH           This traffic makes me want to buy a bulldozer and go through this


gridlock like a bowling ball.


JEN                 That’s not a bad idea (PAUSE) we would probably get to work on time.


SARAH           Oh no!  We ARE going to be late and I was late for class yesterday too.


JEN                 I suppose we could always take the T


SARAH           Yeah but the T is so slow and crowded, plus it smells funny sometimes.


JEN                 Well it’s not exactly the Ritz but it can’t be any worse than where


 we are now.


SARAH           It’s not that bad


JEN                 Are you kidding? (INCREDULOUS) We have moved five feet in the last


 Ten minutes, your air conditioner is broken-


SARAH           (INTERUPPTING) No it’s not broken, I just don’t want to use up my gas


sitting in traffic.


JEN                 Ok whatever, you’re still breathing in exhaust like its some kind of


Aromatherapy and you’re still wasting gas.


SARAH           Yeah I know but things could get better


JEN                 Oh? What do you see happening that would make this commute better?


SARAH           Gas prices could go down, they could finish the big dig…


JEN                 So you are waiting for peace in the Middle East and the largest


 construction screw up in history to work itself out?


SARAH           Fine, lets try the T and see how it works out, I can’t afford any more tickets anyway.


ANNOUCER   Riding the T will save you time and headache as well as ease the stain on


 your wallet. Look for a coupon valid for a free day on the T in this Sunday’s Globe and




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