Ad for student cleaners

:60 second radio spot, Student Solutions


VOICE ONE               Hey everybody this is your house speaking and I’m sorry to say I


 have a few complaints, First of all my gutters have too many leaves in them, second my


front hall has a stain on the carpet….(VOICE FADEOUT)


VOICE TWO              Does your house complain too much?  Does it whine about the dirt


and messes it finds?  They can be very particular about their appearance and oftentimes


think that their owner should be cleaning them constantly.


VOICE ONE               …Additionally, my shower drain is slightly clogged and I don’t


want any Drano because it hurts my pipes…


VOICE TWO              If this incessant complaining is getting on your nerves, we have


 just the solution, Student Solutions.  We are a cleaning company started and run by


 students from your local colleges and universities and all profits go to pay tuition costs. 


Support higher education and we guarantee that after Student Solutions is finished


cleaning, your house will shut up for at least a week.


VOICE ONE               Student Solutions! Oh you shouldn’t have, but I certainly do


 deserve it.


VOICE TWO              So if you need help around the house or yard please give us a call



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